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Sextoy Review – The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Womanizer Starlet 2

sextoy review

When you read a sextoy review, the first question that pops into your mind is: do these products work? After all, not all of them do. Not all people respond the same way to the same products, and that’s a problem Good Vibrations has run into for years. While one person’s favorite size might not be another person’s favorite, one person might not use anything but a realistic dildo, while another might refuse to use anything that looks penis-like.

Lelo Sona 2

The new LELO SONA 2 is the ultimate in discreet sexual experience. Its smooth silicone surface stays moist and easy to clean, and it’s waterproof. The body is covered in decorative waves, and the nozzle has a broader border for added pleasure. And while the lelo sextoy review will tell you about its many benefits, you should know about some of its drawbacks as well.

While the design of the LELO SONA 2 sextoy may seem a little similar to the original, the device’s functionality is significantly improved. This device’s sonic technology delivers pulses of air that stimulate both the internal and external clitoris. It uses a silicone mouth to transmit the waves. The LELO SONA 2 is rechargeable; it only takes two hours to charge and offers an hour of play time. The battery lasts for about 90 days if stored properly.

When fully charged, the LED in the Sona 2 glows white and stays lit. When the battery runs out, the toy automatically shuts off after five minutes. The LED also flashes white when it’s low. Thankfully, the Sona can be recharged to give you an hour of playtime. Before you use the device, it’s important to apply a generous amount of lube to the silicone mouth. This prevents rubbing when the toy is placed on the skin. This will also minimize the amount of friction when the toy is placed directly against the skin. Long-pressing the middle button turns the device on and toggles between 8 vibration patterns.

Starlet 2

The Womanizer Starlet 2 is an excellent entry-level vibrator. It uses Pleasure Air technology and is equipped with 4 intensity levels. Despite its price, it is definitely worth your money. Its Pleasure Air technology and 4 intensity settings make it a great choice for any sex scene. However, there are a few things you should know before you buy it. First of all, don’t be scared of being a little too intense – you can turn it down to your own personal comfort level.

While the Womanizer Starlet is splash proof, this product has been updated to be fully waterproof. As a result, cleaning it is easier and you can even play with it while travelling. The Womanizer Starlet 2 has four levels of stimulation and two buttons to easily skip intensity levels. The device is also made of ABS plastic, which makes it 100% waterproof. It uses Pleasure Air(tm) touchless technology, which ensures that your clitoris won’t be touched.

As a result, the Womanizer Starlet 2 is a great introduction to vibrators. It’s designed specifically for the beginner. It’s easy to use and feels great, even when you’re just beginning! Its suction-sealed dome mimics the sensation of oral sex while avoiding over-stimulation. It’s also suitable for both solo and partner play.


In this sextoy Nova review, I’ll explain why I’ve been so impressed with this product. The Nova has a total length of 8.46 inches, but it won’t go in any deeper than 3.1 inches. I also appreciate that the device has a large clitoral arm that cuts off the vaginal arm, which is a huge plus for city dwellers. So, in short, it’s worth every penny.

The Nova comes in an elegant purple box. The box simply says “Nova,” and contains the toy itself, a charging cable, instructions, a storage pouch, and one serving of lube. The device is designed to target the G-spot and the clit, and it works on both. The device is also waterproof, making it suitable for most environments. This is an important feature for anyone looking for a sextoy that’s water-resistant.

The Nova’s dual motors enable easy control. When activated, a single click turns the G-spot motor on, a second click turns on the clit attachment, and a third click makes it work with both. The phone-controlled travel lock function is easy to use and is great for traveling. The toy vibrates twice to let you know you can unlock it, which is nice if you’re on the go.


The Thrill of Sextoy is a very popular sexual toy among men and women. This toy helps increase the time spent in intimate encounters with your partner. Using this toy will also increase your enjoyment of these experiences. However, you must be careful as it can also cause sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne illnesses. The Thrill of Sextoy is especially dangerous for women as it can increase the risk of contracting bacterial viaginosis. It is important to thoroughly clean the toy after each use, even if it is reusable.

The Melt

The Melt by Sextoy is a pressure-wave toy that stimulates pleasure through air pressure instead of vibration. This device works by transmitting subtle changes in air pressure between a man and a woman to create a ticklish sensation. It is shaped to fit comfortably between your partners during sex. It accommodates many different positions, and you can use it on its own or with your partner. However, it’s most fun when you share it with a playmate.

As far as suction toy devices go, The Melt by Sextoy has the highest power of all models. It has a powerful sextoy and can produce orgasms that are insanely satisfying. Its USB-rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery can keep it going for two hours of playtime and stay in standby mode for up to four hours. Moreover, you can use it with other We-Vibe products.

Melt is waterproof and can be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water. It cannot be detached, but the suction head can be cleaned with a Q-tip. Once cleaned, the device should be dried thoroughly before being stored. However, it can take a while for it to dry completely. To avoid leakages, it is recommended that you clean the device regularly. You can also use the device as a showerhead.


If you’re looking for a new sex toy that will give you sexy pleasure in the privacy of your home, Closetplay by sextoys is the perfect choice. Closetplay Sextoys are available for Android and iOS devices. These toys are made from Near Clear silicone, a new transparent blend. They feature a branded storage pouch for your Closetplay Speedster. The Closetplay Speedster comes with a dildo and massager keyring.

You can find sextoy reviews online and in local stores. You can also compare the prices at different sites and decide which one to buy. Having an idea about the pros and cons of a sex toy can help you make a more informed decision. To start your research, you can check out the sex toy’s safety instructions. This way, you’ll know if it is safe to use before you purchase it.